Debian bug list


Mc's debian package will soon be maintained by Stefano Melchior and me.
Before packaging/releasing the pre3 version, we would be happy to have
someone having a look at the Debian BTS:

As you see there are quite a lots of bugs waiting to be fixed, and I'd like
to know if some of them have been already fixed or not.

In particular here are some interesting bugs:
- #241891: Subshell can not be started (fixed in pre3?)
- #242194: unicode patches
- #265686: mc does not recognize ~/bin
- #286395: insecure temporary file usage (with patch)
- #92121: ftp filesystem can't list dirs when password contains #
- #136555: ftpfs misspells filenames when they are older than a year
- #180298: Can't through 8bit filename via ftpfs
- #246942: mc: gb2312 hint file missing
- #251345: mc: Segfaults on a tarfile containing a symlink
- #258253: mc does not follow sysmlinks correctly
- #267596: mc: CAN-2004-0494: Parameters to system/open call unquoted in extfs
- #291446: mc hangup when pressing ctrl-s (I easily reproduced it too!)
And much more, but let's start with those !


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