CP1251 ftp-sites

I've post this as "Bugzilla Bug 166233 – CP1251 ftp-sites" as RFE,

Bug Comments
Opened by CTAC (ctac113 mail ru) 	on 2005-08-17 23:58 EST 	[reply] 	  	 
Description of problem:

Hope, that it will be cool to have possibility to set filenames encoding for
ftp-sites (like FAR manager has) in MC.
For example, it can be possible to store encoding info per ftp-site in
"Directory hotlist", <Ctrl+\>

How reproducible:
just make  
cd ftp://ftp.asu.ru/incoming 
within mc and you'll see unreadable cyrillic (due to wrong encoding) 

Comment #1 From Jindrich Novy (jnovy redhat com) 	on 2005-08-24 07:06 EST 	

Hello CTAC,

maybe it's a good thing to report it as a RFE to mc-devel gnome org as well.

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