Re: Spurious warning message when entering symlink directory (fwd)

Hello Christopher,

Please, do not email me in private - use the mailing list. I am forwarding
your message to the mc-devel list so we can continue the discussion there.

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Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 18:15:14 +0200
From: Christopher Gautier
To: Pavel Tsekov
Subject: Re: Spurious warning message when entering symlink directory

> I couldn't reproduce it neither on Fedora Core 3 running latest cvs MC
> neither on Cygwin where I tried MC 4.6.1. I tried to enter 'bar' by
> hitting enter when the cursor was over it and by issuing 'cd bar' in the
> command prompt widget.

I'm surprised. I've seen this bug countless times for 3 years on RedHat
(3 years ago) and Debian (these days). I tried the 4.6.1 version
(that is, the non-debianized, non-redhatized), and it was still there.
I admit I didn't try the CVS.

My patch consists in resolving symlinks before doing a strcmp, so
there may be a real problem, or I am missing some key factor that
would be trigger the bug.
Maybe the terminal (aterm), the shell (zsh), the environment,
or the locale intervene...

I guess I'll have to patch my own mc and live with it...



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