Re: accels busted


On Sat, 20 Aug 2005, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

> one of the recent commits broke the alt-<letter from main menu>
> accelerators in mcedit.

I've been annoyed by this behaviour for quite some time but until
you mentioned it I didn't bother to check what caused it . I missed most
M-s but since i could still use Ctrl-s I wasn't very concerned. It is this
commit which broke it:

2004-11-07  Roland Illig  <roland illig gmx de>

        * key.c (use_8th_bit_as_meta): Use 8bit input as default.

        From Vladimir Nadvornik <nadvornik * suse cz>

Maybe you have deleted your ~/.mc directory and the new behaviour showed
its ugly head :)

You can change it from the Options -> Display bits -> Full 8 bits....

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