Re: Double syntax context switch

Hi Paul,

Hope I'm not getting too tiresome ;) .

On Sun, 2005-04-17 at 11:27, Paul Sheer wrote:
> to be less evasive: i should say that keywords
> take precidence over context switches. this allows
> you to have
> #define something(x)		\
> 		do {		\
> 			bla;	\
> 		} while (0)
> the context is from '#' to the terminating '\n'.
> BUT a '\\\n' is a keyword. so the keyword overrides
> the terminating newline until the newline appears
> by itself on the fourth line.

One more note on this: The above example only works because the "\n" is
not the first character of the keyword. If the keyword takes precedence
over context switches was implemented consequently for single character
keywords as well there shouldn't be *any* context changes in the
"context exclusive" example I've given as both ' and " are defined as
keywords in the default context (even before the context definitions).


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