Re: Fw: Re: Xterm window title enhancement to hostname:/path II.

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 11:27:28 +0200
Jindrich Novy <jnovy redhat com> wrote:

> Hello Pavel,
> On Wed, 2005-03-23 at 17:06 +0100, Pavel Vávra wrote:
> >   What do you think about restoring of original title when mc ends? I
> > usually open xterm with some title, then I run ssh client and then I run
> > commander. When I run mc, title of window is changed, but when I exit mc
> > last used title is still displayed as permanent title. 
> Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your case. I see the xterm title
> correctly restored after I quit mc even if I ssh somewhere and launch mc
> there. Did I miss something? (using the latest CVS mc)

  leave it as is if it restore xterm title .... I use version 4.6.1-pre1 from Debian woody backports and it is possible that this issue is solved in last CVS version. And ... I have to say that this is just cosmetic problem for me and I'll wait for next Debian version instead of compilimg my own version from latest CVS. Yes, I am really very lazy to download newest sources.


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