[patch] Synchronization of the panels

Hi, All,
I've rewriten my previous patch (main.c.diff, sync.inc):
1) Now synchronization is doing by time (SYNC_DELAY keeps inverval in seconds; 2 secs by default);
2) The synchronization is loosing for some DLG_ signals for efficiency;
3) Add some errors checks.
It looks a little more stable and faster.
But there is some MC behaviour that I could not understand or explain now. After some numbers of the update calls (3-5 and more), "enter" key does not work any longer for any directory of the panel opposited to the updating: error occurs: "cannot change directory". 'magic_path' function does not detect any problem though. I do not know whether it due to my patch, or due to MC or system property.
Also it looks like my patch behaviour depends on type of terminal... Please test it.
For those who possesses configure magic I also prepared patches for main.h and configure.ac (I also registered "enable-synchro" option; it will be useful until patch become stable); you may use sync4.h and sync4.c also. Unfortunately I'm not such a person now :).
Suggestions are welcome.

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