Re: TODO: Large tgzs, how and what?

> There is some confusion as to what the entry:
> "Broken pipe warning when viewing large *.tar.gz files.  Warnings should
> be shown before the viewer is started if possible."
> is supposed to address.
> When opening a large tgz I do not see a "broken pipe" warning. I do see
> a "gzip: stdout: No space left on device" followed by a "Cannot open tar
> archive <name>".

Well, you need to view (F3) this file instead of open to reproduce
this error.  This error happen if some data is read from stderr _after_
data from stdout.  I can see this error with some manuals opened via F3.

I don't think this entry may block 4.6.1 release.
There are 2 much more significant bugs were introduced in the 4.6.0.

1. See #229773: mc: I can't edit a file in ftp server
This can lead to data loss if somebody edit file over VFS with external editor.

2. #228934: #utar archive content viewer missing files &&
#205073: unzip silently skips some files in archive
have the same root.  There are some significant details in our BTS
to understand this bug.

P.S. I will be some busy this week, please don't expext rapid answers from me.

Andrew V. Samoilov.

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