Re: mc-4.6.1 release?

Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
Hello Pavel,

On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 18:08, Pavel Tsekov wrote:

`uid_t' is defined as an `unsigned long' on recent Cygwin. I see on
Fedore Core 2 glib it is `unsigned int'. SUSv3 has to say the

 "nlink_t, uid_t, gid_t, and id_t shall be integer types."

Seems like you should take up the issue with the Cygwin developers then.
I don't know how authoritative the above statement is, but the easiest
way to find out is probably to put it to the Cygwin developers to
comment on.

I don't think the issue is that important in this case. A conversion to an unsigned long should be enough in all practical cases. An unsigned long has at least 32 bits, so the only case in which there could be name clashes are when two distinct users on a system dont have a username and when their (uid & 0xffffffff) are the same.


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