Re: mc-4.6.1 release?

Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
Hello Roland,

On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 00:52, Roland Illig wrote:

I have fixed this with:
- #if defined HAVE_MEMPCPY || defined _LIBC
+ #if 0 && (defined HAVE_MEMPCPY || defined _LIBC)

Where exactly did you apply this and does it affect other platforms than
Cygwin? Seems like a rather crude hack to me.

line 8246

I would rather consider it a bugfix around a crude hack. After querying HAVE_MEMPCPY you have no guarantee that you have the function __mempcpy, and in portable programs you should not try to call it then. And even then, the __mempcpy version saves only one or two assembler instructions compared to the non-__mempcpy version. The semantics are the same in both branches.


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