Re: [patch] vfs/README

Hello Roland,

On Sat, 2004-10-23 at 08:50, Roland Illig wrote:
> NOTE: Although vfs has been ment to be implemented as a separate entity 

"Ment" should have been "meant". Please correct.

> redistributable under the LGPL in its current implementation it uses 
> GPLed code from src/. So there are two possibilities if you want to use vfs:
> 1. Distribute your copy of vfs under the GPL. Then you can freely 
> include the GPLed functions from the rest of the mc source code.
> 2. Distribute your copy of vfs under the LGPL. Then you cannot include 
> the functions outside the vfs subdirectory. You must then either rewrite 
> them or work around them in other ways.

I have no objections against this change. Please commit so people can
read it while we work on solving this issue.


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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