Re: mc-4.6.1 release?

Pavel Roskin wrote:
On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, Roland Illig wrote:

I would like mc-4.6.1 to be released soon. The broken pipe issue won't get away in the next few days, so there's no reason to wait for it. I have a still uncommitted patch which fixes the error message to be not as cryptic as before.

It's unfortunate because it will be perceived as a regression, even though the code in 4.6.0 was incorrect.

I know. The problem is our usage of open_error_pipe() and close_error_pipe(), which is bad by design. (It will run into a deadlock if the child process writes more than a few kbytes to stderr; stderr writes directly on the screen in the "paste output of" editor command.) There will be an alternative soon. I am already working on it.

OK, we need some testing before the release. maint/mctest gives some warnings on Fedora Core 2. From test-2.err:

../../vfs/mcserv.c: In function `mc_pam_auth':
../../vfs/mcserv.c:782: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type ../../vfs/mcserv.c:783: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type ../../src/cons.saver.c:52: warning: no previous prototype for `send_contents'
../../src/cons.saver.c:105: warning: no previous prototype for `die'

I have fixed them. The changes were trivial. The warnings had been there because I don't HAVE_PAM and so I didn't notice them.

We also should test FreeBSD and Cygwin.

I have just collected the 28 build logs of my test configurations on SPARC/SunOS-5.9. They all failed because INADDR_NONE is not #defined. I have committed patches for these, too and will rerun the testsuite.


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