Re: Once again (with new arguments): repository directory uncommitted-patches

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004, Roland Illig wrote:

I had some thoughts again about the "uncommitted-patches" directory that
I had wished some times ago. I think I know now the main reason why I
want to have it. It's a central read-write file store where someone from
the project can leave a patch and someone else can later commit and
delete it.

What's wrong with the Savannah's patches repository from MC ? Sounds like
the right place for me.

I cannot delete (even my own) patches from the patches repository, but I could delete them if they were in CVS. (So it's just a question of who gets write access to what section of Savannah.) I also like the idea that we have everything in one place (the CVS) using the same access method (CVS).


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