Re: [patch] TODO for 4.6.1: ./file in tar archive

Hi Leonard,

> > > What about the license issues Roland mentions? Are those a real concern?
> > 
> > I think 
> > $ grep canonocalize_pathname vfs/*.c
> > clears this completely.
> Obviously being used. Which does not say that Roland could not
> technically be correct that LGPL can't link to GPL.

It will be a big trouble for libvfs because of concat_dir_and_file(),
wipe_password(), load_anon_passwd(), {enable,disable}_interrupt_key(),
exist_file(), mc_mkstemps(), input_dialog(), decompress_extension(),
get_compression_type(), {open,close}_error_pipe(), name_quote(),
my_system(), mc_home and so on.

BTW vfs/local.c has no license note at all.

> I remember. The extension menu right?


Andrew V. Samoilov.

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