Re: mc burn patch, version 0.2

Bart Friederichs wrote:
A few years ago (2001) I wrote a patch to enable cd-writing in mc. I got an email from Andy Shevchenko, with some additions to it.. It now patches mc-4.6.1-pre1 and the saving of settings works.

Attached the patch for mcburn 0.2

I will not commit this patch, and I hope noone else will do. It contains a really large number of bugs:

* buffer overflows (e.g. in line 192)
* possible NullPointerExceptions (e.g. in line 116)
* memory leaks (e.g in line 668, 695)

Some minor issues are:
* Some strings are not translated properly.
* You should declare your functions as
  "void foo(void)" instead of "void foo()".
* Don't use C++ comments in C.
* instead of malloc/strcpy please use either
  concat_dir_and_file or g_strconcat.
* Always check the results of calls to the functions fgets, fscanf.
* After allocating a string, free it in the same function if possible.
* Replace the comment in lines 628--632 with a one line comment like:
  /**** MC-Burn configfile functions ****/
  It's visible enough.

Please first fix these bugs first, and then retry.


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