Re: QNX patches

Hello, Leonard!

 LdO> I see you committed some changes involving QNX. Did you have contact
 LdO> with Mike Gorchak about these?

It's my patches :)

 LdO> Anything interesting discussed?

The main features:

1) Synchronization with the latest files which has been added to
the distro.

2) dir.c, file.c, fs.h, screen.c, util.c, cpio.c: Added initial support for
the Special Named Files. They are displayed as block devices, but with '#'
prefix in it's names, while showing in the directory list. Special Named
Files in QNX6 - are the generic devices, which can be pipes, fifos, block
and character devices by functionality, i.e. drivers without any discipline

3) pipethrough.c: Added sys/select.h if found according to config.h, because
used fd_set, but sys/select.h is not included.

btw, why pipethrough.3 is installed in the man directory ? Why it needed
there ?

4) Syntax: Treat QNX6 specific files with extensions qpg and as xml

More to come :)

With best regards, Mike V. Gorchak.  E-mail: lestat i com ua

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