Re: Re[2]: Status of FTP password hiding patches


I wrote:
> > Hunk #1 failed at 68.
> Trivial fix. tty.h is no longer included. Insert after #include key.h.

Sorry. tty.h is probably also only included in UTF-8. Above fix still

> > Hunk #8 failed at 907.
> So the freeing of def_text was dropped, as this is a function parameter.
> Reintroduce the brackets and add the g_free(def_text_secure) in this
> block and right below it. Rather trivial fix as well.

def_text wasn't dropped either, but is a UTF-8 introduction. Above fix
still applies.

Looks like I'll have to fix the UTF-8 patches after this commit.


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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