"The shell is already running a command"


MC 4.6.1-pre1
Bash 2.05b
Glibc 2.3.2
Kernel 2.4.22

1. start MC
2. press Ctrl+o (to enter the subshell)
3. press Tab (now Bash should ask: "Display all <number>
4. press "n" -- you get the prompt back
5. press Ctrl+o (to go back to MC)
6. enter any command (say, "ls") and press Enter

For me, MC says at this point: "The shell is already running a

Instead of Tab, you can also use "Ctrl+i" in Bash (it's easy to
press this instead of "Ctrl+o", which makes the problem worse).

Also, if "Lynx-like motion" is enabled and we are actually using the
arrow keys to change directories, it's very frequent to get this "The
shell is already running a command" message. It's much more safe to cd
with Enter - it seems that Right Arrow and Left Arrow does something
in a different way than Enter.

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