Re: mc-4.6.1-versionsort.patch

wwp wrote:
Hi Roland,

I don't remember exactly where I did found your mc-4.6.1-versionsort.patch,
but I applied it to mc-4.6.1-pre1 some months ago, and notice that if I set
the sort order to Name (Version), next time I will open mc, this setting will
have gone.

Is this a known issue or did I miss something? Do you still maintain this patch
or propose other patches on a public website?

Hello wwp,

I don't maintain this patch any longer because it dit not work. I had patched some source code locations, but there had been apparently some others that I had not patched. So it worked halfways.

But I could invent a new patch that simply does a versionsort when you choose "Sort by &Name". Then I had nothing to do with the GUI and could nonetheless have my version-sorted directory listing.

Shall I?


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