Re: Broken pipe warning in viewer

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Dmitry Semyonov wrote:

> Hello.
> mc-4.6.1-pre1 produces the warning while trying to exit viewer after
> viewing relatively big gzip or bzip2 compressed file.
> (F3,Esc,Esc).

Indeed, it's a bug.  I'm adding it to the TODO list for version 4.6.1.
think the only correct way to capture stderr properly and avoid "broken
pipe" errors is to stop using popen() and use fork() and exec() instead.
The code used in 4.6.0 had problems with Valgrind.

> Moreover, the Warning message is not properly formatted, and does not
> fit mc screen.
> mc-4.6.0 does not have the bug.

I don't think there were any changes that could have affected formatting.
Version 4.6.0 is just as bad at displaying long warnings.  It just doesn't
show "broken pipe" warnings.

Pavel Roskin

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