Re: Maintenance question

bulia byak wrote:
Personally, I hope that these policies can be relaxed somewhat. People
who want to help must have an easy way to do so. For example, patches
should be reviewed, but it's really frustrating to wait for this
review forever. Besides, I think it's only core or security-related
patches that really need pre-commit review; for UI tweaks, much better
feedback can be received from users of the CVS version than from a
single reviewer, and it's also much faster for other developers to do
cvs update and test than to apply a patch. I also think that the
project must be more liberal in granting developer access, because
working via patches and not having up-to-the-minute CVS access is very

That's also my point of view. Some other projects I know (pkgsrc-wip, MoinMoin, buildtool, and my own towers-of-hanoi) have a $project-cvs mailing list that gets a mail on every CVS commit. Especially for pkgsrc-wip, there are often comments from the reviewers that go to the $project-discuss mailing list.

[...] And of course, it's important to make releases more
often, so that a wider audience can test the new stuff. We could have
a stable release and a series of testing releases, so that those who
want stability would be able to stick with something that is well

I also agree to this. I have been thinking about an mc-unstable CVS branch where everyone may commit freely. But I like the above idea (mc-cvs mailing list) much more.


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