Re[6]: security fix for temp files in cvs now

Hello Leonard,

Wednesday, August 18, 2004, 3:46:13 AM, you wrote:

>>      *Not*
>>      edit-replace.patch - UTF-8 unsupported now
>>      mc-4.6.0-slang.patch - Likewise

LdO> Ok. We should then discuss Vladimir's extensions to the UTF-8 patches
LdO> then. He proposed them a while ago and they seem to work quite well, but
LdO> Pavel Roskin had some reservations, that he did not explain however.

     Support for multibyte in the 4.7 branch (according TODO).

>>      *May be*
>>      mc-4.6.0-large_syntax.patch - Take now for review

LdO> Jakub fixed the patch from
LdO> . I believe
LdO> the original patch had some pointer arithmetic issues. We have been
LdO> using it for months with the php syntax file on Fedora Core. Note that
LdO> without this fix large syntax files are useless.

     I'll commit it after tests.

>>      mc-php.syntax - May you update this file?
>>                      PHP 5 is released.

LdO> I'll see if the script still works against the docs, and whether the
LdO> docs are updated. Do we need different syntax files for different
LdO> versions?

     Problem is to distinguish src files from one version php to

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