Re: extfs: .cab and .ace

Hello G Jansman,

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:29:12 +0200 "G Jansman" <gjansman1 hotmail com> wrote:

> A long time ago I've created an ucab script to support .cab (and uimg for 
> support of FAT disk images). They can still be found in the mail archive.
> Since an improved cabextract version appeared I've improved the ucab script. 
> Extracting files has become much faster. Both ucab versions don't support 
> changing the archive (adding files etc.) or InstallShield .cab files.
> Anyhow, here's the new ucab script. How to install the script can be found 
> in my first mail and in $(mcdir)/extfs/README.
> Anyhow, here's the ucab script:

Many thanks for this!



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