hidden files feature request


I have dotfiles visible ("show Hidden files") because I don't like it
when a directory seems empty and is not. I think most experienced
MC users use this option (or am I wrong?). But in directories such as
$HOME there are usually quite a few dotfiles. This means that it's
somewhat messy to navigate and modify the home directory.

So I thought about this a little. What about adding some kind of
indicator if the directory has hidden files (dot- or backup files)?
And on top of this, add a ctrl keyboard bind to allow these files
to be toggled visible or hidden.

Or maybe add a directory entry saying "(hidden files)". Pressing
enter over this directory entry would reveal the hidden files.

Any thoughts?

I was thinking about implementing this myself, but I probably won't
find the time so I decided to write to the list first. Maybe someone
else with time and inspiration might want to code this.


Oskar Liljeblad (oskar osk mine nu)

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