Tilde expansion in mkdir dialog


the new tilde expansion behaviour seems a bit
ambiguous in make dir dialog (F7).

I would like to create directory named '~', but
this gets expanded to my home directory, which

Now, I would like to create /home/mylogin/dir
and input '~/dir' and here i want the expansion.

Creation of '~' should be treated differently.

(Well, I don't create directories '~' every day.)

There is a bug in tilde expansion function:
1. try to create directory '~nonexistent'
2. shis should stay as-is, so I expect creation
   of directory' ~nonexistent'
3. but only the directory 'nonexistent' is created

Variable holding the directory name skips initial '~'
but does not restore it back when returning nonexistent
entry in passwd.

--- utilunix.c.orig     Fri Nov 28 11:45:57 2003
+++ utilunix.c  Fri Nov 28 11:46:03 2003
@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@

     /* If we can't figure the user name, leave tilde unexpanded */
     if (!passwd)
-       return g_strdup (directory);
+       return g_strdup (directory-1);

     return g_strconcat (passwd->pw_dir, PATH_SEP_STR, p, NULL);


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