Re: Fast horizontal scrolling in viewer

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003, Arpad Biro wrote:

> Hi,
> There is a feature that IMHO is missing from MC: fast horizontal
> scrolling in the internal viewer (by which I mean: scrolling by, say, 10
> chars horizontally). It seemed to be easy to hack this in, so I made a
> patch that does just that. With the patch, Ctrl+Left scrolls left by 10
> chars and Ctrl+Right scrolls right by the same amount. I have not
> thoroughly investigated MC code, so the patch may not be up to MC
> standards. If it is not, then take this as a feature request. The patch
> was tested on Linux and seems to work.
> The patch was made against the mc-2003-11-14-08 snapshot.

I like the idea, but not the implementation.  You added a parameter to
functions that is only used in the text mode.  This parameter is ignored
in the hex mode.  However, the comments for the functions were not updated
to reflect this inconsistency.

I've applied a similar patch that affects only one function

It will be easier to apply your patches if you include ChangeLog entries
with them.

Pavel Roskin

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