Re: [PATCH] mc-ext revisited

On Mon, 26 May 2003, Michal Szwaczko wrote:

> Ooops, the previous post was too fast.
> Forgot to attach the code ;-)
> Sorry.
> The patch included.

Sorry for my previous e-mail.  I tries to process as much e-mail as
possible in a very short time, so it might have sounded rude.

Unfortunately, my time is still very limited.  I can fix patches for
everybody, but I think it would be better if I just post my observation to
the list as I fix your code.  It will save me time for working on the
project.  The fixes are very simple, but I cannot do it over and over
again.  This is addressed to other contributors, not just to you.

Please separate text from formatting.  There should not be any leading or
trailing spaces in the translatable text.  The standard dialog functions
should provide correct spacing.  If not, fix those functions.

Please avoid technical jargon.  Put yourself in the position of somebody
who doesn't know English and has no UNIX experience.  Please don't use any
"sh", "chdir'ing", "mkdir'ing", "cannot cd" etc.

Use phrases that you can understand without context.  Otherwise, the risk
is high that they will be translated incorrectly.  In this case,
"External" is a bad title.

Let's use the same form for error messages.  Diversity only adds work for
translators.  If something fails, use "cannot do this", not "error trying
to do this".

When adding Emacs hotkeys, please check what hotkey is used in Emacs for
the same functionality.  Otherwise we'll end up with the mode that nobody
uses.  Maybe we have reached that stage already - them the Emacs mode
should be removed.

Please leave at least one newline between different functions.  Please
write comments for new functions unless they are trivial.

I've applied your patch with minor changes.

Pavel Roskin

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