Re: A fix for the F3 /var/log bug...

On 29 May 2003, at 0:09, Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> wrote:

> I believe double hash used in the patch is non-portable.

I only use Linux, so all I know for sure is that double hash works on Debian, 
(ash, dash, bash, etc.), and judging by the 'ash/dash' man page, '##' (as 
adopted from the Korn shell), now seems to be POSIX compliant...

                                                              The current ver-
     sion of sh is in the process of being changed to conform with the POSIX
     1003.2 and 1003.2a specifications for the shell.  This version has many
     features which make it appear similar in some respects to the Korn shell,
     but it is not a Korn shell clone (see ksh(1)).  Only features designated
     by POSIX, plus a few Berkeley extensions, are being incorporated into
     this shell.  We expect POSIX conformance by the time 4.4 BSD is released.

The 'mc' official site shows binaries for a few Linuxes, (these all use the 
same shells as Debian), AIX, (which a web search shows also knows '##'), SunOS, 
and HP-UX.  I couldn't find out whether the last two knew '##' or not.

Could some kind SunOS or HP-UX user please test this code?

	echo ${x##Quousque}
	TandemAbutere		# expected output

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