Re: cons.handler.c for FreeBSD

hi, there!

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 04:36:57AM -0500, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> > I had a chance to test the code, and it works just fine.  I forgot to test
> > the "output lines" option (i.e. restoring just part of the text), but I'll
> > do it next time I boot into FreeBSD.
> It didn't work, but I have fixed it.  Sorry, but you cannot use escape
> sequences directly when the screen library (S-Lang or ncurses) is active,
> otherwise you get ugly artifacts when parts of the screen are not redrawn.
> This also means that you cannot restore color attributes without
> allocating color pairs.  It should be possible to allocate the pairs
> dynamically.  It's already done by the editor.
> I have only tested "output lines" on FreeBSD 5.0.  If anybody has FreeBSD
> 4.x or older, please test Ctrl-O and "output lines" on the console.
> Sorry, I don't have enough partitions to keep several versions of FreeBSD
> installed.

can you send me diff against 4.6.0 cons.handler.c?
and it is still not obvious to me how I can test "output lines"
with Ctrl-O.



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