Re: cons.handler.c for FreeBSD


> I had a chance to test the code, and it works just fine.  I forgot to test
> the "output lines" option (i.e. restoring just part of the text), but I'll
> do it next time I boot into FreeBSD.

It didn't work, but I have fixed it.  Sorry, but you cannot use escape
sequences directly when the screen library (S-Lang or ncurses) is active,
otherwise you get ugly artifacts when parts of the screen are not redrawn.

This also means that you cannot restore color attributes without
allocating color pairs.  It should be possible to allocate the pairs
dynamically.  It's already done by the editor.

I have only tested "output lines" on FreeBSD 5.0.  If anybody has FreeBSD
4.x or older, please test Ctrl-O and "output lines" on the console.
Sorry, I don't have enough partitions to keep several versions of FreeBSD

Pavel Roskin

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