Re: mc 4.6.0 subshell fix for FreeBSD 5.x

On Mon, 21 Jul 2003, Max Khon wrote:

> FreeBSD 5.x has grantpt(3) and it is correctly detected in configure script
> so HAVE_GRANTPT version of pty_open_master is compiled in.
> On the other hand FreeBSD 5.x does not have getpt(), "/dev/ptc"
> or "/dev/ptmx" but has posix_openpt(3) instead.

Thank you for explanation.

> Of course, probing for posix_openpt(3) can be added to configure script
> and its use in subshell.c can be surrounded by #if HAVE_POSIX_OPENT
> instead of #ifdef __FreeBSD__.

Yes, that's what I did.  Thank you for your report!

Pavel Roskin

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