Re: Using the TP instead of the GTP

tor 2003-07-03 klockan 23.16 skrev Pavel Roskin:
> > As gmc CVS has moved from, the GNOME Translation Project (GTP)
> > naturally can no longer translate it.
> gmc CVS wasn't moved.  You can still get it by using the branch tag
> "Branch_MC_4_5_x".  I've added information to README on the head branch.
> However, I don't think any new versions of gmc will ever be released.

Obviously I meant mc CVS -- mea culpa.

> > Would you mind using the Translation Project
> > ( instead? It fits well for
> > applications not using GNOME CVS, but we need you to actively add gmc to
> > the TP. Instructions for doing that are at
> >
> I think it's a good idea, but if I understand correctly, it will require
> making some kind of prereleases.

If you can do that, that's of course excellent since translations can
then easily be updated in time for the real release, but I don't think
it's a requirement. I know for sure that not all modules currently in
the TP do use that release strategy.

> Also, it's not quite clear what to do
> with the existing translations.  The document describes how to submit the
> pot file, but not the existing po files.  I don't want anybody to
> translate everything from the beginning.

Of course not -- just mention in your application to use the TP that
there are existing translations that you wish to be imported, and then
send a tarball or allow for one to be downloaded with those
translations. The TP maintainers can then properly import those
translations, so that TP translators can start working with those.

Thanks a lot!


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