Re: Using the TP instead of the GTP


> As gmc CVS has moved from, the GNOME Translation Project (GTP)
> naturally can no longer translate it.

gmc CVS wasn't moved.  You can still get it by using the branch tag
"Branch_MC_4_5_x".  I've added information to README on the head branch.
However, I don't think any new versions of gmc will ever be released.

> Would you mind using the Translation Project
> ( instead? It fits well for
> applications not using GNOME CVS, but we need you to actively add gmc to
> the TP. Instructions for doing that are at

I think it's a good idea, but if I understand correctly, it will require
making some kind of prereleases.  Also, it's not quite clear what to do
with the existing translations.  The document describes how to submit the
pot file, but not the existing po files.  I don't want anybody to
translate everything from the beginning.

Pavel Roskin

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