Re: very slow start of mc (4.6.0) on FreeBSD5.1-Release

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 10:58:07AM +0200, Oliver Hoffmann wrote:
> Hi developers!
> I just installed FreeBSD5.1-Release and I wonder why it takes 35s on my 
> Athlon1000-system to start the program. Similar boxes with FreeBSD4.8 or 
> Debian 3.0 have a startup time of less than 2s.
> Even mc -V takes ages.
> What's wrong?
> Thanks for hints. Maybe I could help you as well.

Your DNS is not configured or not responding. 
mc does gethostbyname() on startup IIRC. 
Check your /etc/resolv.conf 

Try to do netstat -a or anything that resolves hostnames 
If it freezes - it's your DNS configuration's fault. 
mc is no exception as it uses gethostbyname().

Anyway, it's for mc-users rather than mc-devel, try there ... 


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