Re: very slow start of mc (4.6.0) on FreeBSD5.1-Release

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Oliver Hoffmann wrote:

> Hi developers!
> I just installed FreeBSD5.1-Release and I wonder why it takes 35s on my
> Athlon1000-system to start the program. Similar boxes with FreeBSD4.8 or
> Debian 3.0 have a startup time of less than 2s.
> Even mc -V takes ages.
> What's wrong?
> Thanks for hints. Maybe I could help you as well.

Try debugging mc.  Interrupt it while it's waiting and give command
"where" in gdb.  My guess it that you have the DISPLAY environment that
points to a host that doesn't accept or reject connection attempts (e.g.
it's down or it's firewalled).

Pavel Roskin

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