Re: Find file dialog in mc-4.6.0-pre3


> anyway that '32 files in a grpup' approach is quite lame, it would be better
> to measure time, and update panel/rot.dash and return at every 0.25 seconds
> or so. Or at least call is_idle() from inside do_search() after each file
> and return immediately (break the 32 counter) if zero.

Maybe this is_idle() checking could be added to the regexp matching code of
find.c, so it chould stop matching file immediately when key/mouse event
received. Drawback is that matching will be restarted from pos 0 after
processed the event :(
But it's still better than waiting forever for the search to end...
Imho 99% of events is 'cancel' so it should be ok as a hotfix for now.

Btw i have some more ideas for the find code, if you don't mind i'll start
hacking it. At first, I want that binary file matches show hex file position
instead of line number, which is useless. And F3 start viewer in hex mode,
at the position of the match. Currently it never shows the match for binary
files... anyway the new find-contents code is very nice, compared to the old

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