Re: Find file dialog in mc-4.6.0-pre3


> > > Thank you.  The code you found is completely broken.  However, your
> > > changes don't seem to make any difference for me.  Could you please send a
> > strange. it solved the problem completely for me, and it seems for others
> > too.
> Your patch makes the difference when looking for filenames without
> searching file contents.  Searching contents is still not responsive.

It makes difference for bot, at least here, but...
src/find.c::do_search() tries match on 32 files before it returns,
so if scanning 32 files took more than 0.1-1 seconds then it's slow
response. the worst case when you search inside a single very big file,
it's no way to fix without big changes of teh find.c code.
(being able to suspend search inside a file, save the position and then
later (next call) continue from that point.)

anyway that '32 files in a grpup' approach is quite lame, it would be better
to measure time, and update panel/rot.dash and return at every 0.25 seconds
or so. Or at least call is_idle() from inside do_search() after each file
and return immediately (break the 32 counter) if zero.

> Applied.  Thank you!

> By the way, it was my error.  I cannot believe I wrote all that.
I also wondered when realized those bugs :)

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