HP-UX and AIX buiild problems and patches


I tried to build mc-4.6.0-pre3 on HP-UX and AIX and ran into some problems,
which I fixed, patches are attached.
I was using native c compilers  on both (xlc_r from Visual  Age 5.0 on AIX,
and  aCC 3.31 on HP-UX) , which are more picky than gcc, so some fixes were
required to make them happy.

There is one more problem on AIX : it looks like the configure script
doesn't detect properly type of mount API,  and instead of   MOUNTED_VMOUNT
it defines MOUNTED_GETMNTENT1,  and  because MOUNTED is not defined on AIX,
we are getting a compilation error. I fixed it in mount_list.c, but most
likely it must be fixed somewhere in configure script, but I didn't know how
to do this.


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