Re: MC topdir /.. remove!


> Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> schrieb am 22.01.03 19:36:44: 
> > It's important that the users who come from other similar filemanagers are 
> > not confused.  In all of those filemanagers, the root directory has no 
> > "..", and it's an indicator of the top-level directory. 
> >  
> > We could remove ".." everywhere and use a shortcut to go up (Ctrl-PgUp), 
> > but that would also be confusing to the new users with DOS, Windows or 
> > OS/2 background. 

note that special keys like ctrl+pgup can't pass several terminals, they
only work on console with raw keyboard access and sometimes in xterm too.
so it shouldn't be the only way to cd ..

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