Re: rpm --nosignature

Pavel Roskin wrote:

It could be a good idea to remove the "--nosignature" options (rpm)
from the extension files. As an example, neither Mandrake's RPM 4.0.3
(Mandrake 8.2) nor 4.0.4 (Mandrake 9.0) has this option.
(Is it RH-specific, or is it only present in newer versions?)

The CHANGES file in rpm-4.1 says that --nosignature appeared in the
version 4.1.

I wanted to suppress the warning about signature but retain other error
messages.  I didn't know that it's a very new option.  I think I'll remove
it for now and redirect all errors from rpm to /dev/null.

Fixed in CVS:
2002-12-29  Andrew V. Samoilov  <sav bcs zp ua>

        * extfs/rpm: Use --nosignature only if rpm supports this.

Andrew V. Samoilov

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