Where should hints display?

I'm sorry I didn't pay attention to the "xterm titlebar" thread. I see a weird behaviour of hints (ftp messages + fish) in Linux console.

I use to have:

Xterm title: on
keybar: off
menu: off
hints: on
About 10 command lines

I was using fish quite often lately and was happy with it, even when messages and password messages appeared in strange places (top, bottom, hints line). Yesterday I noticed that the hints line had disappeared. After messing with the configuration dialog I got it back.

So now, when I start mc I have the hints line, but if I enable or disable, say, the keybar on the fly, it disappears. As I didn't save changes, when I start mc again it's back in place. When the hints line is gone I receive ftp and fish messages in the top line.

If I set the command lines to 0 everything goes OK. Of course, I'm talking about latest snapshot.

I have no time to go go to savanah now, sorry again.

*8-) David

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