Re: xterm_title patch 898

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 05:39:54AM +0100, Tomas Styblo wrote:
> In my humble opinion the restore does not work over network
> because the implementation is fundamentally broken.

Sorry I didn't answer earlier, but I haven't had access to computer
for nearly two weeks. 

Yes, I fully agree. It was just a dirty hack to start with. I was
thinking about this issue during Christmas vacation and I see no easy
way to implement this in a clean and compatibile way.

First of all we have to choose between blocking and non-blocking
behaviour to read old xterm title. Blocking is bad - if one's xterm is
broken and didn't respond, user can wait forever, which is
unacceptable. Non-blocking is also bad - we have to set some arbitrary
timeout to wait for response on slow links, but it is unacceptable to
force user with broken xterm wait 5 seconds. And if the response
arrives after the timeout, it clutters the screen.

And no, TERM env variable IMO is not a reliable way to detect xterm

I see no good approach. I guess we could implement Tomas' patch as a
additional option 'store/restore xterm title', which will be *turned
off* by default. But I'm not sure if this feature is really so
important. I personaly use shell to refresh title to cwd on every cd
or execution.

To Tomas: 

Yes, I think your plan (XTERM_TITLE variable) is good. It would be
very hard to convince people, but I think you should try.



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