xterm_title patch 898

Adam Byrtek 'alpha' wrote:

It was recently discussed on this list, and I've made a patch to store
and restore old title:


I inserted the code as per above patch on 4.6.pre2 and tested:
rxvt      - ok on localhost: no-restore on remote host
gnome-terminal - same as rxvt
dtterm - title changes but old_xterm_title goes to stdout (comand line in mc) and causes unpredictable bhvr this is from the store_xterm_title function (this is on localhost, so didn't bother testing on remote) xterm - ok on localhost but same problem as dtterm when xterm on remote host

so I see two difficulties:
1) get same behavior on remote host as localhost
2) stop the old_xterm_title from printing to the command line in dtterm (localhost) & xterm (remote)

in functiom store_xterm_title():
instead of
and then later
return title+3;
is there a way to concatinate the "e\[21t]" and title+3 to avoid a the double-return?
I hope I'm not tooo far off...


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