Re: a solution for high and dry xterm_title

Tomas Styblo wrote

Personally I think that relying on the title reporting ability is too error prone.

From the point of view of the user the easiest way to restore the title is to simply generate it in the PS1 variable as a part of
the command prompt.
I understand what you're thinking, but I think for average users without
a firm grasp on even shell programming the overhead may just be a bit
much (save for the learning experience). I like the xterm_title feature
and have written an enhancement for it (for next posting), but maybe
the restore feature can just be automatically turned off if we know a
cheap/buggy terminal is running mc.

Probably the safest thing to do is keep the switch handy to turn
the feature on/off via one of the dialog windows.

I use a TERMINALS environment variable for a number of settings.
export TERMINALS='xterm rxvt dtterm'
if ["` echo $TERMINALS | grep $TERM`"]
then ....
An array in the source code could contain a names of safe terminals,
then a "getenv($TERM)"  could determine if $TERM is a safe one to
do the title refresh on exit -unless someone's spoofing...
What else can you do in a polski fiiat? Let them pass you...

In the meantime, I'm still working on the last patch - Solaris x86 uses
SA_RESTART in <sys/signal.h> rather than SA_INTERRUPT.
There's an #ifdef SA_RESTART earlier in the code I'm inserting into
the refresh function to get around SA_INTERRUPT
but it just hangs indefinetely without so far....


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