Re: a solution for high and dry xterm_title

* Adam Byrtek 'alpha' <alpha student uci agh edu pl> [Wed, 01 Jan 2003]:
> It was recently discussed on this list, and I've made a patch to store
> and restore old title:

I tested the title reporting ability of few popular terminal
emulators. All of them support title change, but these ones do not
support title reporting correctly or at all:


Personally I think that relying on the title reporting ability 
is too error prone.

 From the point of view of the user the easiest way to restore 
the title is to simply generate it in the PS1 variable as a part of
the command prompt. That way it's automatically updated when an 
application exits and also can contain name of the working
directory etc..

Tomas Styblo <tripie cpan org>

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