several issues + wishes


i'm using a debian-packaged mc 4.6.0.

mc forgets to reset the x window title when it exits.

a cmdline switch to replace the "mc" prefix in the window title would be
very helpful. i usually have dozens of xterms with mc open, some of them
are root consoles and some on remote hosts. it's impossible to manage
them if they are all titled "mc - ...".

a single esc keypress should be translated to esc esc after some
timeout. the timeout could be made depandant on the "slow terminal"
setting and/or could be automatically adopted based on measurements of
previous key sequences. dunno if this is simply doable with curses ...

the text viewer should support syntax highlighting.

the type/ keyword in mc.etx should use "file -z", not "plain" "file".
for now i simply created wrapper script for "file" and put it in the
path in front of the regular "file", but i think this will potentially
cause trouble. using "file -z" allows things like:
type/^(ASCII )?troff.*gzip compressed
        Open=gzip -dc %f | nroff  -Tlatin1 -mandoc | sensible-pager
        View=%view{ascii,nroff} gzip -dc %f | nroff  -Tlatin1 -mandoc
which is obviously by far more reliable than some magic based on file
extensions (don't you hate having your rotated+compressed log files
formatted like man pages?).

cooledit issues:

under some weird circumstances cooledit eats files (makes them
zero-length). i think this happens if the directory containing the file
is renamed below cooledit's feet.
similar, but by far not so fatal is that cd-ing below cooledit makes it
save the file to the wrong (new) directory.

c is treated like c++. that's somewhat annoying.

c++ style comments are not recognized after preprocessor directives.

vim marks #if 0 -ed code as comment. this would be a nice feature to
steal. :)

complex sh syntax highlithing, in particular bash syntax is totally
screwed. see these examples:
  cont=$((${delay2[i]}+$now-$(date '+%s')))
  fil=$(egrep -i "/([0-9]{2,3} - )?${i% $dsh *}( $dsh |( $dsh [^/]+)?(/.+)?/([0-9]{2,3} - )?)${i##* $dsh }\$" /tmp/xm-$$ | tr '\n' '\\')
  dfil="$ddir/$i - ${sartist:+$(escape "${artist[cntr]}") $dsh }$(escape "${title[cntr]}").$ext"

a "backspace unindents" option (as known from the borland IDEs for
example) would be very nice.

the type of white-space used by auto-indent should not be based on the
"fill tabs with spaces" setting. instead, the leading whitespace from
the above line should be copied. otherwise it's impossible to use a
tabbing style like
<tab>if (...)
<tab><tab>if (cond1 && function(par1,
<tab><tab>                      par2))
(which is _the_ tabbing style).

"intelligent home" which alternates between column 1 and the first
column with non-whitespace on it would not hurt.

some basic file locking would be nice. i often end up editing the same
file in two windows.

dunno if this is simply an issue of terminfo: a lot of advanced key
combinations (in particular [shift-]ctrl-<move>) are not recognized in
xterm, even though they produce keycodes.
as a consequence of this, it is impossible to insert selection into the
x-clipboard -> entries should be added to the menu.

otherwise mc rules - i admit to be an addict. :)


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