Re: [PATCH] key.c: Dynamically load XOpenDisplay, XQueryPointer and XCloseDisplay

Hello, Pavel

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> > 1.) The proper name of the X library should be determined at configure
> > time i.e. libX11.dll or only libX11 for cygwin and for unices.
> Is there any reason why you didn't use the mechanism provided by glib
> (see gmodule.h)?  I think if we link against glib it would be logical to
> use its code instead of providing replacements.
> It seems from scanning the gmodule source that it's aware of the dll vs so
> issue.
> > 2.) The name of the symbols may be decorated in a different way on
> > different systems i.e. cygwin and linux have XOpenDisplay while OpenBSD
> > has _XOpenDisplay. I guess one can find the names with the help of 'nm'.
> Again, glib tests for this already.
> > So, some help with the configure stuff would be appreciated. I'm also
> > working on it now but I don't want to waste too much time on fixing
> > configure if there is no chance the patch to be accepted.
> Your patch won't be accepted unless you clearly explain the problem with
> reusing the existing code.

There is no secret conspiracy here. I just wasn't aware of this 
functionality of glib. Now as you kindly informed me of it I'll update the 
patch and send the fixed version.

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