Re: [PATCH] key.c: Dynamically load XOpenDisplay, XQueryPointer and XCloseDisplay


> 1.) The proper name of the X library should be determined at configure
> time i.e. libX11.dll or only libX11 for cygwin and for unices.

Is there any reason why you didn't use the mechanism provided by glib
(see gmodule.h)?  I think if we link against glib it would be logical to
use its code instead of providing replacements.

It seems from scanning the gmodule source that it's aware of the dll vs so

> 2.) The name of the symbols may be decorated in a different way on
> different systems i.e. cygwin and linux have XOpenDisplay while OpenBSD
> has _XOpenDisplay. I guess one can find the names with the help of 'nm'.

Again, glib tests for this already.

> So, some help with the configure stuff would be appreciated. I'm also
> working on it now but I don't want to waste too much time on fixing
> configure if there is no chance the patch to be accepted.

Your patch won't be accepted unless you clearly explain the problem with
reusing the existing code.

Pavel Roskin

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