Re: hotlist: now with edit

> - <F7> hotkey for "new group"?


> - items alligned in a mc-way:
>    ..
>    -> ftp
>    samba
> not
>    ..
>    -> ftp
>       samba   

I think it's easier to spot subgroups as you quickly scan through 
the empty column and see -> there. Labels should be aligned with 
labels; when some other mark "intrudes" into labels I think it 
looks bad.

> - only 2 chars left on the left side for hotkey (like in mc user
> menu), not nearly 10, like it is in your patch

2 is too few I think. I now made the separator 3 chars wide.

> a space before "Entry label", "Directory path" and "Hotkey" would make
> it more pretty imo.

Done. I also applied your patch to always start in the root group;
if anyone complains we can revert that or make it optional. 
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