contrib directory badly needed

> Maybe we need a directory for contributed changes that don't integrate
> well into the main codebase.

YES! I browsed this list's archives and found lots of proposed patches 
that were never included into mc. I think we need to go through them once 
again and sort them into those that must be finally merged (e.g. the 
file coloring patch which I will take care of after I finish the hotlist)
and those that should be at least kept in the "contrib" section. 

Also, some things that are merged are not documented. For example until
recently I did not know about the wonderful --with-charset option. It's 
not in the man page or even in the FAQ! And by the way, why is it 
disabled by default?

Note that the main strength of FAR, even though it is closed source, is 
its community of plugin writers and plugin web sites. This allows many 
people to contribute to FAR even without the main author's approval. 
With mc, if your patch was not accepted, you get zero visibility at all:
the only place where your patch still lingers is the mailing list 
archives that are notoriously inconvenient to search. 

This must be changed. Is it too difficult to provide a section on the 
web page for storing patches and other useful things, with short 
author-supplied descriptions?
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